SENNEBOGEN RENTAL Rent machines easily online

How the machine rental works

Your fast way to the rental machine

To quickly rent a SENNEBOGEN machine, for example a material handler, a telescopic handler or a tree care handler, it is best to submit your request online using our contact form.

The more detailed you describe your project to us, the more individually we can advise you. Therefore, it is best to always provide us with the following information:

  • Type of project
  • Type of material to be processed (for example, scrap handling or construction waste)
  • Desired duration of operation
  • Place of operation
  • Required attachments
  • Any other machines required
  • Detailed contact information

Our rental fleet directly from the manufacturer and from our worldwide rental partners has a wide range of machines, so we can always make you the best offer based on your request. Fast availability and flexibility are our top priorities. So that you can easily and conveniently rent your SENNEBOGEN machine and quickly start your project.

Rent or buy machines?

When planning a project or a construction site, those responsible are faced with many questions and decisions. For example, whether to rent or purchase the required machines if they are not yet available in the company's own fleet. Both solutions have their advantages, which should be considered and weighed for the individual application.

Peak order times and temporary requirements can also make machine rental sensible and economical.

If you would like to rent a SENNEBOGEN machine, there are many advantages.

Advantages of machine rental

  • New and modern equipment directly from the manufacturer
  • Perfectly fitting machine for the specific requirements
  • Flexible choice of attachments
  • No maintenance costs
  • No investment costs
  • Insurance included
  • Fiscally attractive

But buying machinery can also make sense. Some arguments speak for it.

But buying a machine can also make sense. Some arguments speak for it.

Advantages of buying a machine

  • Machine becomes your property
  • Permanent use on site possible
  • Knowledge of the specific machine by operators and service personnel
  • Depreciation of the costs in the balance sheet

If you are thinking about buying a machine, a used machine from SENNEBOGEN can also be an economical alternative. Please take a look at our used machine portal SENNEBOGEN used.


Get your individual offer incl. price and availability here. Our product experts will be happy to advise you personally.